Weatherford to World

Weatherford, TX

Not until recently did I realize how much my life has changed.

I am just a country girl from a really small town in Texas no one has ever heard.

My name is Brandy. I grew up on a farm/ranch outside of Weatherford, TX currently living in Los Angeles, CA.

I was born at Harris Hospital — Fort Worth, Texas in 1978.

Here is a photo of my parents in 1978 standing in the house they built by hand. 

I am actually in the photo below. My mom is pregnant. And just a few months later....I was born.

This is just the beginning to an amazing and beautiful life. 

And many embarrassing stories to share along the way that I would have never been prepared for...but the learning is what has made my experiences...just that...experiences...

One last may ask why share this? How am I different than any one else? 

I am sharing because when I was growing up my parents told me life is anything and everything I make it. 

That if I want to live in a small town I can. If I want to conquer the world I can. 

I am doing both...but doing it my style...