Farm to Fashion

Farm to Fashion

There are a few things to point out along the way when seeing old photos of me as a child. 

I was rarely wearing clothes. Not sure why, but hated being bound by them...I was a young hippie by heart.

A couple of my favorite outfits were the Wonder Woman Underoos and the Star Wars Underoos.

But in most cases like the photo below...I was half or fully naked rolling around in the dirt.

When growing up in small of a town as I did. Fashion was not something high on the list. It was more about utility and being comfortable. 

Weatherford is a farming and rodeo town. 

Needless to say many of the clothes I have today would have never made it on the farm.

The only labels that people would drop names on were John Deere, Levi's, Justin, Lucchese and so on. 

Now days I look for styles and fashion of Chanel, Diane Von Furstenberg and Dior. 

Not by any means have I become a fashion expert or snob. I feel you can mix both high end and affordable items. 

I remember learning about all the fancy schmancy brands. 

In some cases I felt like Elizabeth Berkely learning to say VERSACE in the movie "ShowGirls." 



It is cool though...what I have learned is that many people are in the exact same shoes I am. 

Very few have actually grown up in that fancy atomosphere. But you do have your share of posers who think they are above everyone and everything else but stepped right out of the trailer park. 

But I have learned to appreciate a good stitch, quality fabrics and tailoring. 


56th GRAMMY Awards: 

DRESS/Diane Von Furstenberg

SHOES: Steve Madden



53rd GRAMMY Awards:

 DRESS/Diane Von Furstenberg

SHOES: Diane Von Furstenberg

D.J.'s JACKET: Scully the photo above is my friend Danny Ray Latham (D.J.)...a fellow Texan I met at the University of North Texas. You will see him often since he is one of my best friends. 

I wish I could say I remembered watching fashion shows on TV. But I can't. We really did not watch TV. 

We would play outside making grass tunnels and crawling around for hours. (Grass tunnels are taking long waist-high grass and tying the ends creating tunnels.)